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truRating "The Ratings Revolution"

Website: www.trurating.com | Date Invested: November 2014 | Locations: United Kingdon, Australia, United States and Canada

truRating was born in early 2013 when I began to notice how influential online review sites were becoming and the make or break role they were playing for many businesses.

I was concerned that despite best intentions, feedback sites often just didn’t represent the general public’s opinion. If you were looking for horror stories or five-star reviews, there were plenty to pick from, but it was harder to get a sense of what a more typical customer experience might be like.

As I talked to businesses it became clear that they were desperate for a way to get reliable feedback representing how the majority of their customers really felt. From the other side, whenever I asked people they said they’d be more than happy to give their views, they simply wanted a quick and easy way to do so.

Taking this into account, we set out to build a point-of-sale ratings system that would be fit for all requirements. Intuitive, fast and capable of delivering real insight for any kind of business, truRating also allows the customer to have their voice heard with a simple tap from 0-9.

We have teamed closely with payment service providers, acquiring banks and payment hardware manufacturers to bring truRating to life. I’m delighted to finally be able to share the result of everyone’s hard work and hope that you’re excited too!

Our vision is that one day everyone will have access to the representative feedback they deserve. It’s time to let the Ratings Revolution begin!


miDrive "Reinventing Learner Driving"

Website: www.midrive.com | Date Invested: September 2014 | Location: United Kingdom

miDrive exists to help learner drivers to get more from their driving lessons. Using our iPhone app, you can find a driving instructor, track your lessons and use our library of learner driver resources to help you to get ready for your driving test quickly. 

We don't mind if you're looking for a fast pass, cheap driving lessons or just a friendly and professional instructor who actually turns up on time, we want to help you to find what you're looking for. 

Our driving instructor profiles give you the information you need to pick an instructor who suits you. The profiles feature full biographies, photos of the instructor and their car and genuine reviews from previous learners. 

Don't waste time and money trying our a bunch of different instructors; pick the right one with miDrive and your driving lessons will be more enjoyable and you’ll be ready for your test sooner. At least that's our theory.